single girl/married girl

Americana/pop/folk music

Single Girl/Married Girl is a pop/folk/americana outfit currently based in New York and Los Angeles, comprised of Chelsey Coy on vocals and banjo, Charlie Rauh on guitar, Oskar Haggdahl on drums, and John Gray on upright bass.

Originating in Los Angeles, the band featured various line-ups, before founding member Coy relocated to the East Coast in late 2013, the last of which recording an EP of eclectic piano-based pop with Pierre de Reeder of Rilo Kiley (the collection, Cut-Offs, saw release in February of 2014).

The current line-up is at work on new material that the band hopes will attract fans of luminaries like Lucinda Williams, as well as emerging artists like Sharon Von Etten. 

Making Moves

Some of you may have heard by now that Chelsey, our leading lady, and her husband are moving back to California in October for work.

What does this mean for SGMG, you say?! I'm glad you asked because we are NOT breaking up and are going to use this time instead to really focus in on songwriting and perfecting the songs for the next album, which we will record back in NYC next year. We also realize that live shows have been a HUGE part of what SGMG does and we love playing we plan to play every time Chelsey visits the East coast and the band visits the West coast - and we want to TOUR and play festivals in the in-between moments! 

This next step is incredibly scary and unknown, but sometimes the unknown can produce really great things. Thanks again, for your support and love and good vibes. We hope to make you the best possible music we can and would love for you to stick around to see what's next.